Welcome to EDW Strategic Positions. On this blog you will find a number of articles covering the full development cycle of data warehousing. For your convenience, the articles have been collected into a book, entitled “speEDWay: Smoothing the Road to Data Warehousing”.

speEDWay provides a brief and practical method for building an Enterprise Data Warehouse; and shows that with a holistic view to architecture and processes, it can be done efficiently and effectively. This is combined with a set of opinion pieces, based on personal experiences and observations from consulting engagements in various parts of the world.

speEDWay is now available for Kindle through Amazon for only $3.99 USD!

Justin Hay is an EDW specialist, with over 15 years of experience designing and building data warehouses and business intelligence solutions. He is currently Vice President of Solutions with Stream Integration, an IBM Preferred Partner for Data Management.


by Justin Hay

Purchase a Kindle version of this book through Amazon.


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